Payday loan – problem with paying off and going to work abroad !?

Payday loan – problem with paying off and going to work abroad !?

Hello, I fell into a spiral of debt, we have a problem with payday loans. Together with my husband we have payday loans for around 20,000, all payday loans are still valid, there is not a single day late. Unfortunately, we won’t get a loan in the bank to pay them back and we just want to pay them back normally.

My husband is going abroad next week to pay off this debt. How is this best done? Send letters asking to divide payday installments into installments? Pay back, for example, every little payday loan?


Payday loans – a problem with repayment

A very sober and apt decision to go abroad. I don’t know if you know, but I often advise my readers to go abroad to pay off their debts quickly!

I have a friend who had as many as 11 payday loans in various loan companies, earned a minimum national minimum job in Poland and could not make ends meet for anything, let alone get out of debt …

One day there was an opportunity to go to the Netherlands, for 3 months for seasonal work, it was May. At my persuasion, she abandoned this poorly paid job and went to work in the Netherlands, she was afraid, but she didn’t have many options.

She paid off her debt completely, after staying in the Netherlands for 2 months, of course, before she went there, we informed all loan companies about the whole situation so that they would not pay her debt to the debt collection company (some loans were already past due).

When a friend came back from the Netherlands, she had all 11 payday loans repaid + she still had a lot of Euro in her wallet. She found a new, better-paid job three months after returning from the Netherlands.

The friend’s situation is a very good example that sometimes it pays to risk it. Now that he has no debts at all, he has some savings on his bank account and a better paid job, he finally feels a happy and fulfilled woman.


Pay off your debts is a very good decision, respect for that

Pay off your debts is a very good decision, respect for that

Do as we did, inform banks or loan companies that your husband is leaving and in a month or two you will pay off all your debt at USD 20,000.

If the loan companies are snoozing that they will not wait a month or two for the money, then put into the account of this “groaning” loan company the installment that you can afford.

You must do everything to avoid debt recovery, because you know: who bears the costs of recovery? I keep my fingers crossed for you, I am convinced that you will be able to get out of debt for 100%. I have only a small request to you, do not borrow more, because then it is very easy to get into financial problems … it’s a shame to live, you have to live at a level we can afford …


Dividing the payday installments – formula

payday installments - formula

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